Entrepreneurship Education and Research

ELDC holds short courses and training session which usually comprise of non-formal education and trainings. These courses are aimed towards developing particular skills in entrepreneurs which they can utilize in their specific field of business.


With the platform of ELDC, workshops will be launched which will help in the progression and development of the young entrepreneurs in Pakistan. These workshops will be beneficial in developing skills and widening the horizons of young entrepreneurs.

Micro-Entrepreneur Development

The small business sector of Pakistan is the most under developed part of Pakistani business society, the aim of ELDC is to help the small business entrepreneurs to take a step forward towards progression. ELDC will host short courses and training modules specifically designed to develop and enhance the skills of micro level entrepreneurs and industrial clusters.

Corporate Internship Placement

ELDC is providing a platform to the students for the internship with the successful entrepreneur to learn from their experience. This is automatically lead them in finding Jobs and creating businesses for the highly motivated student.

Team Academy

Government Collaborations

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